The Company

The Sucess is not by chance...

The São Lourenço Candy Factory has been operating in the food market since 1983. It produces sweets on several lines, adding more than 150 different types and flavors to meet and exceed the expectation of people who want to have the pleasure of tasting delicious and quality sweets.

For you who are a shopkeeper, try having our products on your shelves and reap the benefits of sales and success we have in the market!

Currently we have 02 stores in São Lourenço / MG.










Commitment, determination and responsibility are some of the secretsWe continue to grow through the commitment, determination and responsibility of all employees. The result of the work is to your satisfaction. Having you as a customer is always a great pleasure!









We care about all the details
We take care of everything from the planting of the fruit to the packaging of all the products. We have a farm of 75 hectares, where we grow the fruits used in the manufacture of sweets and all the wood used in the production. We use eucalyptus wood in the boilers as a source of energy and we constantly worry about replanting.

Here's one more of our secrets
We work with high quality raw material and recipes from traditional Minas Gerais cuisine. We choose not to use artificial colors in our products, concerned about their health and well-being. This makes our sweets have a great differential in flavor and food safety.

Modernity also makes a difference

We have a laboratory with modern equipment for the quality control, where the evaluation is made during all production processes. Our concern for quality allows us to provide safer products for your health.

We want to be very close to you!
Today you find our products in more than 470 cities all over Brazil. We are present in all states. They are shop owners and distributors concerned about delivering you the best product.

When we talk close, it's even close

The national market is very large and is our main focus, however, people in other countries also want to enjoy our tasty products. After receiving contacts from people who loved our products and wanted to know where to buy them in their countries, we started exporting to the United States and this is just the beginning.


Our story is great and full of success, all thanks to you!

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